In the Financial Services business, we are keen to promote a culture of openness and fair dealing. One of the important values which we wish to promote and practice is Integrity. We, therefore, need to provide avenues for employees and outsiders to report any issues of non-compliance to standards of high integrity. One such mechanism is Whistle Blowing.

In this regard, we have formulated a Vigil Mechanism Policy, under which the “Whistle Blower Investigation Committee (“the Committee”) has been set up. The objective of the said policy is to establish a redressal forum, which can address all concerns raised on questionable practices, which violate the principles of integrity. The Chairman of the Committee is the Chief Ethics Officer of the Company responsible for receiving, validating, investigating and reporting to the Audit Committee of this matter. The Chief Internal Auditor of L&T Financial Services, Mr. Venkatesh Iyer will act as ‘Chief Ethics Officer’.

The Committee shall take necessary actions of maintaining confidentiality within the organization on matters brought to its attention. The outcome of the investigation will be kept strictly confidential.

The Management would like to assure all employees that they will be protected from unfair termination, threat of termination, disciplinary action, transfer, demotion, refusal of promotion or any other unfair prejudicial employment practices, which the Whistle Blower may face from any quarters within the Company due to the act of whistle blowing/exercising vigilance.

Employees can get in touch with the Chief Ethics Officer either through email or post at the following address:

Reporting Channel Contact Information Availability
Email id 24 hours
Post L&T Finance Holdings Limited PO Box NO.9757 VidyanagariMarg, Mumbai 400 098 24 hours