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Research & Advisory
We are a team of dedicated professionals offering Class Leading Services.
  • Frequency – Daily
  • Updates on Daily Market Moves (Equity, Debt, Commodity, Mutual Fund, Currency etc)
Café Capital
  • Frequency – Daily
  • Covers detailed portfolio details on all MF categories
  • Also contains Model Portfolio and Recommended Funds
Mutual Funds
Daily Watch
  • Frequency – Monthly
  • Covers the comprehensive ranking of all categories of Mutual Funds
  • Introduced in-house LTR trends for last 12 qtrs
L&T Fund
  • Frequency – Quarterly
  • Covers the macro and micro picture of domestic economy with a parental global view
  • Call on Fixed Income, Equity, Gold etc.
Market Outlook
& Strategy
  • Frequency – As and when
  • Presentation on different tactical strategies; e.g. Dynamic Bond Funds, CD Portfolio MF, Banking Funds etc
  • Frequency – As and when
  • Pitch Book – A ready book to pitch about L&T Capital Market PWM
  • Portfolio Diagnostics
Other Reports
Through our in-depth Research Reports, we aim to keep you ahead of the market and take the right path.