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Investment Modes Offered
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The decision, choice, timing and the administration of the investment decision rests entirely with the Advisor.
The Wealth manager merely provides products and the final decision is taken by the client. Wealth Manager facilitates Execution.
The client sets his return expectations under the defined investment environment. The Portfolio Manager manages the fund in line with investors’ risk appetite and expectations.
The Portfolio Manager makes investment recommendations to the client. While the Portfolio Manager plays the role of an advisor only, the client manages/ builds his own portfolio.
The Trust Structure protects and preserves all assets that form part of its corpus. The Trustee is the legal owner of the assets with defined contribution for beneficiaries. The asset and income generated from the assets are used in the manner provided in the Trust Deed.
It is to ensure that the right amount of money is available in right hands at right point of time in future to achieve the desired goals and objectives.